Didn't Pn53x board

Hello guys, sorry for my english, i’m a french students ^^
I have a problem with Shield NFC V2.1
This SHIELD “http://www.seeedstudio.com/wiki/NFC_Shield_V2.0
But i have version 2.1 this is not a problem.
It’s work when i use the program of the website like…

For exemple, Read a tag of my Smarthone for look my UID for example…

Look :
Scanned UID.png

For formatted a tag… it’s work !


HERE i I Follow the instructions of the website “http://www.seeedstudio.com/wiki/NFC_Shield_V2.0

now, i want to test the NDEF Libraby who they give…

When i want test a example NDEF Library… FOR TRY

Example, “Write a TAG”
I have a problem, on my screen, there’#if 0

écrire un tag fail.png
or i test other example, Read a tag… same problem why ???

Lire un Tag fail.png

i want to read the tag… or write… WHY PN53X Board ??

I have Arduino Mega 2560 + Shield NFC

I tested with other Arduino mega, a same problem, pls ^^
I have SOftware Arduino 1.6.8
My Hardware is new… I buy recently…
and for read or write a tag with my smartphone, i use application on my smartphone ‘’ NFC tools"

Thanks for help…


NFC Shield works only on SPI Communication please change the following line of code to solve your issue.

#if 1 in the ReadTag and WriteTag program.

Thanks and Regards

Yes now it’s work, thanks ! ^^