DHL now ships "signature required". Why?


I received an email from DHL regarding the status of my shipment.

It said in part:

I usually go to the DHL web site and disable “signature required” by signing a “signature release”.

However, DHL tells me (I called their customer service) that Seeed has disabled this feature and that a signature is mandatory.

So, since I am not available during the day to sign for the shipment, I must change the delivery address to a DHL Service Point that is

in another city. I will have to drive there to pick it up.

DHL says this diversion will delay the shipment by 4 days.

I am surprised that Seeed has decided to make this change unilaterally and cause significant disruption for their customers.

Why did Seeed do this? Can I sign a form that ensures all future orders are shipped without “signature required”?


Yep, it happed again.

My second Fusion order is arrive by DHL, “signature required” with no recourse.


Can you please provide me with guidance on how to rectify this?


No reply from Seeed?


Hi David,

Sorry for the late reply, we missed your message. As far as we know, this is not something we have control over and other customers have sucessfully ordered without the need for a signature since your post.

If you or anyone else is still experiencing this problem please do let us know,

Many thanks,