DFU vs. Windows 10 64 bit?


Since I have upgraded my PC to Windows 10 64 bit, I can no more upload new firmwares on my DSO203 (DFU 3.10, HW 2.60). It is only shown as “E:” on the PC, clicking on the drive leads to an error after a minute or so.

Outside of DFU mode, everything is OK, the DSO203 appears as “MINIDSO (E:)” and works , so this is not a hardware problem.

Can I try anything, any ideas, except using a PC with an older version of Windows?

Thanks and regards

Ooops, I just found something on minidso.com/forum.php?mod=vi … a=page%3D1

It seems DFU 3.10 doesn’t work with Windows 8/8.1/10 unless the DFU of the DSO is upgraded to a newer version.

I guess I have to revert to my old Windows XP…


PS: if the administrator would like to delete this useless topic, he should feel free to do so!

I think this is useful enough information :slight_smile: