dfu-util 0.6 (win32, Ubuntu and Mac ppc binaries)

With the latest release of dfu-util (which supports the DSO Nano and other DfuSe devices since 0.5) we also offer Win32 and Mac (ppc) binaries at dfu-util.gnumonks.org/

For instructions (and a link to Ubuntu binaries) please see seeedstudio.com/wiki/index.p … e=Dfu-util

dfu-util can be used for downloading (and uploading) firmware instead of ST’s “DfuSe Demo” application. Note that you will have to uninstall the ST driver and register the libusb driver with WinUSB. This is explained in the README.txt inside the win32 zip file. The binaries were tested on Windows 7 64bit.

If there are any issues, please run with the -v -v -v option to get full verbose output.