Dfu Se Demo V3.0.1 has crash fix

Would someone please explain how I can get the newer version posted at the downloads repository. Several people are having Demo crashes and this may be their solution.


V3.0.1 - 06/18/2010

New Features

   + WHQL Certified with and published at WindowsUpdate (English only)  web site :
     - Microsoft Windows 2000 family, 
     - Microsoft Windows XP family, x86
     - Microsoft Windows XP family, x64 
     - Microsoft Windows Vista family, x86
     - Microsoft Windows Vista family, x64 
     - Microsoft Windows 7
   + Add Pre-compiled Libraries for x64 machines under \Binary\x64\Release


      + Fix DfuSeDemo.exe application crash while enumerating many HID devices :wink:


The new version works like a charm. Many thanks!

V3.0.1, note:
XP x64 running on an AMD Athon64 Dual Core CPU does fail to install the device driver for “STM Device in DFU Mode”.
After loading x64\STTub30.sys regarding “new device found”, a message box appears “… a file could not be found” (without any information what file is missing).

You don’t say if you did an uninstall on the V3.0 first. I had similar symptoms on my 32-bit WinX-Pro machine and the old uninstall and the new install installed the stttub*.dll automatically, and now everything works. I am now convinced that the failure of V3.0 to automatically install the stttub*.dll is the real source of most user problems and not necessarily the version itself (unless of course you are using Win7 or 64-bits.