DFM SMD component spacing

Hi, I am laying out a PCB that possibly may go to manufacture later this year. My question for the purpose of manufacture is what spacing should be left between SMD parts that are going to be populated via PnP and reflow soldered. For example I have 4 0603 leds side by side and the spacing here is very tight.

What is the rule for the spacing between SMD pads for PnP and reflow soldering. Is it the same as it is for PCB manufacture or are there a different set of guidelines? If so where can I find these?

Thanks for any insight.

DFM=design for manufacturability
i think it depends on the processing capability of manufactory, so i can’t give you an accurate clearance.
seeed is also just starting DFM, we don’t have much experience in this hand.

Thank-you for your answer but it leaves me a little confused and perhaps I was not clear. I was actually asking from the point of view of seeed building my boards and possibly selling them through the propagate service. As seeed is already handling the assembly of various PCBs for various parties (e.g. Dangerous prototypes) then seeed must have some idea of how close I can put 0603 leds side by side. This clearance is the only thing that is tight on my PCB and the only thing that is stalling the project. All I have to play with is 10mil. The question is "Is that enough for seeeds PnP machine?

Thank-you for any insight you or anyone else can offer…


hi Jim,
sorry for my foolish,i don’t known you want to manufacture it through our propagate service.
no problem , 10mil is enough clearance for us to do it, of course,more space more better.

Hi dingding,

Thanks again for your reply. That puts my mind at ease and I can continue with the project now. I probably can give you 11mils spacing being the very generous person I am.