Develper needed - Paid work


I am looking for someone that can carry out some development work for me that i will pay for but you must have experience in working with Seeed hardware and Groove sensors.

I need to build an environmental sensor using the following components

SeeedUnio Cloud board with a Base Build V2 expansion board.

Groove sensors = Oxygen, MultiGas, Barometer, CO2, Dust and sound ( microphone )

Outline for work

I need code writing that can be used as a build for multiple sensors. The code will collect data from all sensors noted above and then send the data to my cloud based server.

The above sensor will be connected via Ethernet to a 4G cellular router and hence have a permanent, stable internet connection

The cloud based server is running MySQL. I am expecting the sensor to send the data as a raw text file so we can then import that data in the SQL DB. In essence a basic cloud based system that collects data from multiple sensors ad then display the data as reports.

The data sent ( included within the text file ) from the sensor must be set out in a way that each sensors data is identified by the sensor type and date / time stamped. The sensor name must also be sent so we can identify which sensor sent it.

I would need the code to allow for a configuration file to set specific parameters such as sensor name, location to send the file to, how often we collect and store the data etc.

I am expecting to pay for this work but in return i expect the person carrying out the work to have experience in a similar project ( collection of data from sensors and sent to a cloud based server ) and ideally also have some experience in working with SQL although majority of the import work will be done by myself.

If you can help, please respond to this post or PM me. Please do not ask me how much i am willing to pay, i need you to give me a fixed price. I am not after the cheapest “quote” experience is far more important to me as i need this project to work and be delivered within a timely manor.


To bid on a contract, you need a spec. More detail. One of each of those sensors? How often is the data collected? What does the example data file look like? Is there only one of these data collector gizmos? 10? 100? Most important is the Acceptance Test Procedure. Programmer gets paid when the data file looks like the spec. Are you going to reproduce the binary from the source? You ready to learn everything about the software development system? Or do you get the binary image that you install into your data collectors? Maintenance contracts to start adding features over the life cycle of the project are good for you and your programmer. I betcha the programmer might look at the spec and say I can do this in 10 weeks, 40 hrs a week, $50 an hr, not to exceed xx hrs. Is there a preliminary design review? A critical design review? A list of the deliverables. Who buys the grove modules? You or the programmer? Who makes the processor selection? The programmer probably wants to use the processor and development system he is familiar with. This a risk reducer for you. You dont want to pay for several months of getting up to speed on a bunch of new language and compiler. I’d like to take a whack at it. I’m willing to buy a bunch of grove modules. Post the spec. Lets get going.

Thanks @bobgardener for your reply.

I appreciate spec is loose, i have done that on purpose as i prefer to engage with potential developers first and discuss options. However there is enough information contained within the initial post to allow someone provide an estimate, especially if you have done something like this before

I work this way a lot… i generally use A.N.Other site where people actively look for work however after checking there is no mention of grove sensors there hence my post on this forum.

You don’t mention any experience and the way you have responded puts me off so i think I’ll give your offer a miss, but thank you for replying.

Just for clarity to other potential dev’s / hobbyists / hackers… all i am after is a working environment, a system that does what my original post asks for delivered as a simple bunch of code we upload via Arduinio IDE. There will be no ongoing work, no maintenance agreement, no guarantee of additional development work. Once we have a working system we can take it from there.

In simple terms you don’t have to be a full on developer… just someone that has done this before and can provide a system that collects the data from the sensors according to a predetermined schedule ( i.e. once an hour ), add the data to a text file and send that text file to a web address.

I am offering this work as i simply do not have time to take my dev guys from existing projects to “learn” this environment… but we do have the skill to reverse engineer. I would prefer to pay someone to build me a working model and will take it from there.

Here’s my guess at what you want someone to buy…

item sku ea
seeeduino cloud 102010021 $49.95
v2 exp bd 103030000 $8.90
oxygen sensor 101020002 $54.90
multigas 101020188 $39.90
barometer 101020192 $8.90
CO2 101020067 $89.00
dust 101020012 $11.50
sound 101020023 $4.90

  •               	total	        	 $267.9

I know you didnt aks me, but I like the lotus that has the arduino and the base shield all in one for $6
and the rtc module.
Once again I suggest you supply a sample output file.