Development on ARCH BLE with Nordic S110 + Nordic SDK

Hi, I’d like to know if it is possibile to use the ARCH BLE with the official Nordic SDK, without using the mbed environment. I’d like to know if it’s possibile to flash a firmware on The nrf51822 using a J-Link programmer in The ARCH BLE board.



Hi Samuele,

Yes, you can use the offical Nordic SDK and a J-Link programmer. The Arch BLE’s SWCLK and SWDIO are available for external programmer. Actually the on-board CMSIS DAP interface of the Arch BLE is quite powerful. We don’t have to a J-Link programmer. With the latest firmware of CMSIS DAP interface (following the wiki to update firmware), we can drag-n-drop a softdevice hex file and then drag-n-drop an application hex file, or drag-n-drop a merged hex file.

If you just want a offline toolchain, try There is also a bootloader for the Arch BLE. We can drag-n-drop the bootloader hex file after flashing a softdevice and an application.