Details of possibilities of Propagate Service


If I use Propagate and have several components that are NOT in the OPL, what is the size limitation? Can I send 0402 sized capacitors and resistors?

Using Propagate can I use a small QFN, like a 20 lead 3mm x 3mm package?

Also using Propage can I have a both sides of a board populated with smd components?

Thank you for your time! (I emailed earlier and received a login for here so I assumed I was supposed to post my questions).


Hi Steve,
We have 2 kinds of service on PCB Assembly.
1.PCBA prototyping service.(so far only OPL component)
We accept order from 2 pieces to 10 pieces and charge $0.05 per pin for SMD / $0.04 per pin for DIP. We help you solder the OPL components on your board. lead-time is 2-3 days
2. PCB Assembly service.
MOQ 100 pieces. such service we can help you solder any components, not only OPL componnets. But if the more OPL components you used, the more discount you can get.For the lead time, it depend on the difficulty and the Qty of your board.