Design Spark gerber files

Hi, I am using DesignSpark to design my PCB. But I’m not sure if all the required files are present as you have requested. How can I confirm that my gerber files will be usable by you?
DesignSpark outputs the following files:

LowPowerWeather - Drill Ident Drawing - Through Hole.gbr
LowPowerWeather - Top Copper (Resist).gbr
LowPowerWeather - Bottom Copper.gbr
LowPowerWeather - Top Copper.gbr
LowPowerWeather - Bottom Copper (Paste).gbr
LowPowerWeather - Bottom Copper (Resist).gbr
LowPowerWeather - Top Documentation.gbr
LowPowerWeather - Drill Data - Through Hole (Unplated).drl
LowPowerWeather - Drill Data - Through Hole.drl
LowPowerWeather - Top Silkscreen.gbr
LowPowerWeather - Top Copper (Paste).gbr

Many thanks

hi Sean,
The gerber files must be RS274-X format,if you can’t confirm the gerber files are ok or not, please send the gerber files to, we will check it and reply you soon.