Design Problem

Hi guys!

I´m a new person in this forums, and i would like to make a question for someone who uses kicad for the fusion services.

I generate my gerber files with the plot option, and then I use the bottom to generate the drill file

When I send this files to seedstudio they answer me:" Hi, There is something wrong with your gerber files, the drilling is not fit for the line layer, please confirm it again.

I use a gerbview to see my files and it seems to be OK, can someone help me?

I attach the files

xbee_adapter.rar (10.6 KB)


Remove the board outline from the bottom copper layer (GBL) and put it in silk top (GTO) instead.

Btw, your silk top looks a bit strange. The parts of the silk are doubled - did you mean to put the duplicate on the Bottom Silk?

Thanks for your answer.

I want to make a board, to change the pinout of the XBee S2B Pro of digi of 2mm to a pinout 2.54 mm in a one layer board.

For make this i need to superimpose two of the modules near.

I remove the board outline from the copper layer, and put it into the silk, and it seems to be OK now.

Thanks Matseng ^^