Design Files for XIAO Products

Can we get the Design Files for XIAO products so we can proposed revisions
Such as XIAO Expansion Board and others below I have EasyEDA… something free and open source

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Pretty sure they are on the Wiki , at the End. or sometimes on the Sales page at the bottom.
You can open them with Easy EDA and use portions for you own boards, I.e RTC section. I used it on my board and it works perfect. They even had the battery holder.

DRC version.

Expansion Board schematic files…
Seeeduino XIAO Expansion board_v1.0_200824.rar (76.1 KB)

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no the stuff they have is incomplete or cannot open without propritory software

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YES…? Have you tried it? (seamless experience same as the WiKi web viewer)
Hmmm, Which specifically, The Grove Expansion Boards second item on the list there, both Board and Schematic both are usable in Easy-Eda and generate accurate Gerber files and a solder stencil for SMD components Along with the BOM, further I can have them made with a few clicks from LSC supply and JLPCB, (note, Seed Fusion also can do this) No issue there, if a monkey can do it , You can too! :grin: :v:
What proprietary software. Do you mean Industry standard?
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btw, on the Live stream the Owner is committed to open source for what they own the IP for.
That’s a pretty bold move IMO. Trend setting! :wink: :+1:

i tried it once before, you helped me click at the right point on the window, but it still didnt work… i will try again

the one i really want is the grove expansion board, is i want to make an expansion socket…

Seeeduino XIAO Expansion board_v1.0_200824 .zip (315.9 KB)
here is what I have and used.
Works Great!
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thanks… i was able to import the files… but it was not obvious how to get the BRD and SCH files to import… the default was looking for Jason files…

as a matter of fact … i cant even remember how i got it to import

Import Other - EAGLE

I cant import the Grove base shield… it gives gerber files but i dont know how to import
i tried the Aultium Designer files, but one was corrupted

Hi there, yea it was a task but it goes, the file type and import is how.
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the Grove expansion board file i downloaded by clicking on the frame has an error in it… according to EasyEDA so only the schematic is imported, not the board

Hello, I was able to successfully open the brd file for Expansion board for XIAO within EasyEDA. The link to the file I opened is as follows, it was downloaded from the Wiki

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Yes PJ helped me with that one… but can you check on the XIAO Grove expansion Board… Thanks
also the Schematic Online Viewer doesnt work for some people (me)

My failt i called it expansion board, but tech ically it is called Base Shield

After opening the page, simply refresh the page to load the online schematic diagram.

it doesnt work that easy… and the file is not the full build file it does not show the traces… if you have it just post or email to me please

The schematic and pcb files are provided in a zip package below the online preview. You can check them out and they all open properly

I hate to be a pain… but zip is not rar… and i cannot open rar files… i can open zip files (1.6 MB)

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OK I got it!nanybody got any good tutorials on how Easyeda works… i want to take the Xiao Grove board and put some mnew connectors… maybe on the breakout side or re-order the ports… also maybe put a voltage divider over to the ADC

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Yes, Start with the schematic, Modify that first the rest will percolate down. Board layout and connectors and component positions second to last. Use the LSC parts catalog when possible. Turn on and off layers to see your way around. Auto route after you have everything connected, position your connectors and parts , then turn it loose. (look at the DRC and make any adjustments to fit your new layout)
It’s a small learning curve, that board is a little more intense but you can start with an easier board too. Just open New project and CUT and PASTe the circuits you want to add, Ie.I lassoed the RTC and added it to mi design.
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i am trying to make a dumb thing i want a XIAO board to connect to NRF24L01, which i know i can get from a XIAO ESP32 alone but i want to use the module with the antenna and test range any good youtube video?

had a baby with

I think i want to be able to unsoulder the pins on this adapter board and soulder to my adapert board or either replicate on my board