DepthEye 3D ToF camera


I am writing to you with a crucial purpose. I am in the middle of composing of my graduation work which I have dedicated to exploring the ToF technology. At the moment I am seeking some documents one of which is the schematic of a DepthEye camera. I have a scheme of a light source board which is a part of DepthEyes-H1 I got on GitHub. Unfortunately, this is not enough for my observation. I wonder if you could provide me other schemes of this device. Please.



I talked to designer that the board is not open source, Sorry, we can not release the schematic. Thanks for understanding.

best rgds

Thanks for the reply!

I bought two DepthEye 3D ToF cameras. I am trying to install them to use in Ubuntu.

However, I am facing several problems. First: heat. When trying to install some errors with registers. Tryed another USB source to provide more current. Then other erros occured. Tryed to install different versions of Ubuntu and did not work. I do not know what to do next. Can somebody from Seeed help?