Demo for TouchShield

Hi, can you please help me to get some kind of demo working on a Touch Shield that I just purchased.
I know the programing is way over my head at this point, but I would like to have some kind of demo to make sure the screen works and the touch pad is functional before the 30 days return policy expires from the store I purchased it at.
Every time I try to compile the program “TouchScreenDemo” it comes back with errors like delay not called out.
I hope to use this in a simple monitor gadget, and I could much more easily use a separate keypad and 7 segment display, but was excited that I might be able to use this instead. Any help in how to program it is greatly appreciated.

You can download TFT&Touch screen libraries again. If it is not solved, please note this line like that : //delay(100); or /delay(100);/.
If it is still not solved ,please post a picture to show the errors you compiled.

Best Regards