Demo 3 Two XIAO nRF52840 control LED via Bluetooth communication

I am doing the demo 3 project.
It only works when I upload code to each as suggested and when I open serial monitoring.
When I attempted to use them as standalone, ie not connected to the PC, they don’t find each other.
I am hoping to set up a standalone simple ble to ble link using the xiao nrf52840 as it simplifies the project in size and cost
Appreciate any assistance

Is there a “while(!Serial)” in the sketch?

In both… Hi msfujino. Thank you for your reply.
Yes there is in both demo 3 sketches…

“while(!Serial)” requires a serial monitor.
If you comment it out, it will work without PC connection.

Very much appreciated.
I hope it will be as simple as that :slightly_smiling_face:
Shall try and let you know.
It will be later today…
Thanks again for the prompt response.

Hey msfujino. Success!! Thank you very much for finding a simple solution so fast! :slight_smile: Much appreciated.