Delivery Options

What has happened to the normal post delivery option?

Heya Alan, what do you mean by “normal” post options? Registered Airmail like EU or Singapore Post?

Yes, where has Singapore post option gone? All I’m getting is the expensive DHL and FedEx shipping options. Please return the normal Singapore post option for orders posted to the UK.

Thanks for letting us know. We’ll check it out.

Alan, could you let me know which country you are trying to post to?

I assume there are lots of companies that do both under one roof, I looked through the PCB manufactures list and found a couple but

I’m trying to build some simple LED lights (6sq inch, 2 layer) , I was able to get the PCBs from dirtypcbs, but populating them is a absolute pain, 40 tiny SMT components per light. I know a pick n’ place machine would make short order of the task…

I was wondering if anyone had any experience with them, which people would recommend, and what the cost would be.

It really depends, but knowing myself, it will be tough for me not to. I also really love ordering stuff from the internet and I really love to unbox stuff. I’d be really tempted to open that box, but I’d do everything to refrain myself from doing it. I have this weird addiction to Aliexpress, and I don’t even know why. I always must buy some stupid thing from that website. I also use aliexpress tracking application which makes the experience super comfortable since I know where my package currently is. That is why I would love to recommend it.