Delays on PCBA service?


I made a PCBA order on March 31st… And the delivery time was quoted to be 10-18 working days. So I think it should have shipped on between April 20th and May 2nd. (Counting in 2 holidays and 5 working days per week plus a few days of delays because you had to ask me for clarification) Still the order (#205314) seems to be in status Processing.

I sent a question using feedback on your site about a week ago but no reply.

I saw similar message on forum by another customer and he was told to send a question using ticketing system. But where is the ticketing system?

I understand that your campaign on March might have caused high volume and delays, but it would be really essential customer service to cummunicate this to customers…

Exactly my sentiments.
I too have been waiting for an order placed on 29th March 2016. I have sent 3 messages with no response.
I placed the order as a trial of the service, hoping to place more orders if this one was OK. I have to say that I don’t expect to give this company any more business.

By the way, the email address on the header to this part of the forum is non-existent. I sent an email to that address and it bounced back. Maybe it should end in dot cc?



Order being sent now, so there is hope. It has taken 6 weeks.




Certainly good to hear. So since yours was ordered a few days earlier than mine, I guess mine might ship any week now :laughing:

Hi, Old thread but I thought I would pick it up rather than starting a new one. I have an order (about $700 US) that I originally placed before the Chinese new year, it was cancelled for some unknown reason so I placed it again on 26/02/18 (more than 6 weeks ago). I got in contact with someone from Seeed (after multiple attempts using the Support facility on the website) they promised me that it would be complete by the 23’rd of march. I then contacted them on on the 30th (one week after they said that it would be ready) I got a vague email saying.


The boards have been finished. There was one issuer, and I will send another mail to you for confirmation later.

Thank you!

I never got another message, I don’t know what the issue was or what the board status really is

I have been trying to contact Seeed since then (nearly 2 weeks ) using email and their “support” button but with no luck, no one will talk to me.

Unfortunately, this order will almost definitely make or break a startup that I have put everything (my families life savings and several thousands of hours work) into starting. I promised a pilot unit to a company by the first of April and I have now had to break that promise.

I desperately need to know if I should get another electronics manufacturer to make the boards for me or not but I cant make this decision as no one will talk to me to tell me what the progress/status is.

Any suggestions?

same here. I placed an order with seeed then I got an email from them asking for more money because I have two designs on the panel.

even though they are both the exact same size so no extra tolling cost or anything for them. but fair enough.

I asked them to cancel the order so the person who emailed me first quit responding.

then I emailed their support so they said it can’t be canceled because it is already in production.

then no replies and of course no information on the status of the order.

I tried every email I can find. and nothing for over a week.

do not use their services go somewhere else

Not good enough is it?

When did you place your order?

I was never asked for more money or anything like that, I just can’t understand this cone of silence.

In the past, I have always been pretty happy with Seeed and have recommended them to literally dozens of people, but I might am soon to renege on my opinion of them.

All they need to do is check on the order and send an email.

Ok one at a time please, there are probably over 3 different issues being thrown around here.

@Sampattemore, I have prodded the PCBA team for you, they are under a bit of pressure from all the orders, sorry about that. It seems they were in the process of being assembled until one issue(no r) popped up. I’ll let you know if I get anymore news.

@ma.messaoud I found your message and there are two different PCB orders in your order, one requires payment and one is in production. So both are technically true to some extent. You can still cancel the one that is pending payment but not the one in production. Also, it just so happens that the guy who contacted you first is currently on leave so he hasn’t had the chance to get around to it yet. Sorry! I’ll get back to you with the details by email~

@pbromley Would you mind pm-ing me your order number or e-mail? I can’t seem to find it. Also, could you let me know which email addresss are you referring to?

@ville2 Same, please pm me your order number or registered e-mail address.

Hi Carmen,

Thanks for the reply. I gathered that from the one email that I got but they haven’t told me what the issue was nor how much of a delay it would cause.

All I need enough information to decide whether I should place the order with another supplier or not.