Delays and not support!

Hi, I dont know what happened to you guys, Before the chinese new year you had great service and now you’re just not replying emails!

I have an order that is “Awaiting Packing” for over then 2 weeks, I’ve made the order almost a month ago, We need this ASAP and you’re not replying my emails!

Please make sure this is shipped ASAP.

Order Number : 180319191002



I am in the same boat, I placed my order before the Chinese New Year, I figured that it would be delayed by a couple of weeks because of the CNY but it is still in production and no-one will reply to my emails or support tickets. All they need to say is “sorry there has been a delay in production and it will be another week” and I say no, worries, or they say (sorry there has been a delay in production and it will be another 3 weeks) and I say ok and then place the order with another producer.

And the sooner the better, in my case if they had have told me about the delays 3-4 weeks ago, I could have had another manufacturer complete the order by now. Instead, my startup business has missed the deadline for getting its pilot product to the biggest company in our target industry, which will most likely break the startup and at best, lost me about $200,000!

I devoted 80 hours a week for 3 years to this startup plus every last cent of our savings. Now somehow, by not sending a simple email, SEEED have blown it all. Thanks SEEED.

Can I ask what you plan to do? Also could you please post back here when they finally contact you?

Hello Yossi,

Your order 180319191002 was shipped on the 13th this month and should be clearing customs right now. It is a PCBA order so it takes around 25 working days but we got it in under 20.

Hi Carmen,

Thank you for the update, You have a great service, just please reply to emails,


You’re welcome,

The support team is under a bit of pressure from the orders coming in but they have been working overtime to keep on top of things, they’ll catch up soon,