DEFINE in programming code

Whatever happened to this Seeed Unified Library Interface?

Is there a way in Arduino Programming to list out all the Define in the code
when the library are loaded… it will say if define, but i want to know what is define in my code for debugging?

Hi there,
It’s a “define” meant for the compiler.
If the BSP matches the define, then the case is TRUE, if not the Compiler doesn’t take it into account.
Often it is used to enable specific options for different hardware or MCU options.
One example would be for the LED’s for the two different Xiao Nrf52840 for example.
If it’s 2.11 then define LEDG, if it’s 2.9.2 Then define LED_GREEN and so on.
GL :slight_smile: PJ

note can be used for ESP’s vs NRF also. :v:

yes… but it get complicared when trying to debug… because i sont know if define esp32 is the same as define xiao esp32… and whatnot