Default Audio

Hi, Just building rephone create for first time (no sim card yet - waiting on delivery).
Screen comes up great.

Does the default app come with a way to test audio? I have the audio level set to 6. but the music action doesn’t offer me any option to play anything. Basically I’m just want to be sure that I have put the rephone together correctly and the module are working as expected before I try to play with programming the phone.

Thanks Mike.

OK - I answered my own question.

Once I put a SIM card in (I used T-Mobile) I was able to get the mic and the loudspeaker working and made a few calls. :smiley:

Loudspeaker audio is very low though, presumably that is caused by putting it in the cardboard case without an audio “hole” for sound.

The general loudness is bad, even with cutout box. It’s a known issue.
But to test the sound: upload a small .mp3 file and you can play it. Also can set up sms or call ringtone.

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If you have a 3.5mm Jack converter you can do it but, I think you should open the Mp3 file or ringtone on the default phone.

thanks for sharing!

You should find some alternative audio files that the device emits externally. suonerie

Just open the ringtone folder on your device and check if it works.

If you need a ringtone to check it is available here: