Deep Sleep issues in Xiao esp32s3

I am using example code to test deep sleep functionality of xiao esp32s3, by uploading a timer wakeup example, but every time it shows wakeup was not caused by deep sleep. The device disconnects and connects to the serial port several times. Is there any ways to know whether deep sleep works in xiao esp32s3 or not?

Hi there,
Yes it works, which BSP are you using and which level of Sleep are you aiming for.
Check out the Grove Expansion Demo on here, for Sleep with a button or timer capable. Serial port flush and things like that also , effect it.
GL :slight_smile: PJ :v:

I am using Timer-based wake-up instruction, so I don’t need any external connectors or a button. I am just using the demo code. The device gets in the deepsleep and when it wakes up, the print statement shows wake is not based on deep sleep.

I’m going to guess the method that shows the reason is flawed, since it appears to be waking up correctly? Post the code

Hi there,
Let’s see the code, There is an issue with the Status of GPIO and EXT1 how it’s reported for the REASON for sleep code.,
I suspect you need to change the code.
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