Debian Image is corrupt

I downloaded the Debian image “respeaker-debian-9-lxqt-sd-20180610-4gb.img.xz”, but can’t decompress it at all.

I’ve already tried to download it over five times.

It looks like that the image file is corrupted.

The SHA256SUM calculated from the image file is “32112bc53d8e4ec0d26aae1487c9edc527792ace175349daa59a4f9fe0cb2d13”, but the one in the file “respeaker-debian-9-lxqt-sd-20180610-4gb.img.xz.sha256sum” is “d25b40775f4efd44a38768cf09020e6bb2cce2b25ebff4e911c7ec2cb6aa57c3”.

Please check the image file.

Thank you.

Hi Customer,

Where do you download the image? please try <LINK_TEXT text=“ … d9W3_7ngBQ”>!780&ithint=folder,&authkey=!ANL8Rd9W3_7ngBQ</LINK_TEXT>. thanks.

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I downloaded the Debian image from the link, but failed again.

Anyway, I resolved this issue by downloading the image from Google Drive (<LINK_TEXT text=“ … 2szro/view”></LINK_TEXT>).

I found this link from your previous reply. (<URL url=" text=“viewtopic.php?f=89&t=7662#p26523”>

Please check the uploaded image file in the MS OneDrive or update the wiki page.

confirming the onedrive version is corrupt. I could not get MD5 match or decompress to happen.

Hi, I am downloading the onedrive images and verify it now. If it is corrupt, I will update the image. thanks.

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it’s still corrupt?

Hi, Onedriver image is good now. thanks.

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Sorry folks, the OneDrive version stiil does not work. The GoogleDrive one does complete the flash.

Hi Guys, We have 2 engineers downloaded the firmware from onedriver and burn it successfully. It is quite weird. Anyway, we uploaded the firmware to our own server. <LINK_TEXT text=“ … 6fd4792fe5”></LINK_TEXT> In future, we will use our own server and not use the one driver any more. We already updated the wiki. thanks.

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