Death to SPAM !


every single time I visit the new wiki, there is SPAM. It doesn’t matter how often I delete it, it always comes back. I don’t expect to find information about “viagra” or other magic elixirs that are supposed to enlarge sexual organs.


im sorry that there is constant spam being posted in the wiki. since it is open to the public, that is something that can happen.
The forum moderators do not have the same moderation privileges on the wiki, or at least I myself do not.
Thanks for deleting the spam logs over there, but unless one of the seeed studio people put something in place that has more security, it seems like it will keep happening.

Well, all I can say is: use MOD_SECURITY2

SecRule REQUEST_HEADERS:REFERER "^.*(netvibes|enire|spike|twohosting|hi5|dating|freehostia|muck|sex|game|porn|foolmambu|fiskekommunema|carpet|cleaning).*$" nolog,deny,status:500 SecRule REQUEST_BODY "^.*viagra.*$" nolog,deny,status:500 SecRule REMOTE_HOST "^.*(vzletka\.net).*$" nolog,deny,status:500 SecRule REMOTE_ADDR "^123\.145\.171\.16$" nolog,deny,status:500

Rules like these keep those idiots from messing up my blog. Everything illegal gets blocked and all they see is a Server error 500.

Oh, btw I checked the wiki 5 minutes ago. You’ll find some interesting information about VIAGRA there.

This time I didn’t delete it, because this is pointless.

Seeedstudio should beef up their webserver configuration.

I agree with madworm on this one. I have been cleaning up much of the spam along with others, and it gets tiresome dealing with the same things over and over. The success of the wiki will depend on Seeedstudio taking appropriate action to help prevent repeated attacks by the same individuals. If this means increasing security, so be it.

Certainly, this is a public wiki, and as such will be open to these sorts of attacks, but to do nothing other than deleting when it occurs will be an approach that will not work in the long run. Especially if it is occurring at the hands of what looks to be just a few individuals.

I think the wiki will find it difficult to get support from the desired community, if it is constantly ridden with spam. I know that I would find it difficult to continue contributing projects if no attempt is made to help the situation.


Got it, we will take actions on these, thank you guys!

P,S. please excuse us for the late response, again…