DC Jack with rectangular holes


I have recently got PCB’s made which are looking real good. But the DC Jack pads in my design has rectangular holes but the PCB’s came with small round holes.
After some research on Google i found that layer 46 (Milling) in Eagle is containing the info about the rectangular hole.

To which Gerber file do i add the milling layer 46?
And will the hole get plated when milling?

hi there,
1.yes,the simple way is overlap round holes ,
3.another way is draw the solt(milling layer) in a big holes ,and leave a note : drill solts covered with copper. Attached our DC Jack lib.
DC JACK.zip (2.56 KB)

Thanks dingding!

But i sent in my files yesterday and added milling layer to the drillfile .TXT.
I hope that i have not messed up my PCB order?

Hi there!
My PCB is made in Sprint Layout. In that case, how can I make the DC jack holes?
Thank you!