DC framework miniature solenoid VL-0063 on Arduino

I just bought this solenoid (seeedstudio.com/wiki/DC_fram … id_VL-0063) and was going to hook it up to an Arduino Uno (later some smaller Arduino) and wanted to verify a few things…

First, since this says 14.8V that means I’ll need to power it through a transistor from the Arduino, right? What about the P2N2222AG included in the ARDX kit? I think that has a high enough V to support it.

Second, does that mean I should join two 9V batteries in series to drive the solenoid? Or is that too much (18V)? Should I get a battery that is more specific?

Finally, I’ll include a diode as well since it has a kickback when the solenoid is turned off. Does the one included in the ARDX kit work for that (1N4001)? How would I figure out that it did?


Anyone have pointers for how to calculate the necessary component values? My electronics is pretty rusty…

Also, the wire leads out of the component are very thin. They aren’t strong enough to push into a breadboard lead.

What should I do so I can use it on a breadboard?