Data sheets for Sidekick kit?


I’m wondering if there are any data sheets available for the components in the sidekick kit.

Specifically I’m looking for a data sheet for the included buzzer for the rated frequency/voltage/current.

Thank you!

Hi there, please refer to <LINK_TEXT text=“ … rduino_V2/”></LINK_TEXT>.

Here is the spec for buzzer.

1 Rated Voltage (VDC) 3

2 Operating Voltage (VDC) 1.5~5

3 Resonant Frequency (Hz) 2700±300

4 Sound Output at 10cm (dB) ≥85

5 Current Consumption (mA) ≤30

6 Operating Temperature (℃) -20~+70

7 Storage Temperature (℃) -30~+80

Seeed techsupport team