danger shield resistors, 560 for 680?

Got the danger shield and in the process of assembly, i noticed that i did not have any 680Ω resistors, i only had 560Ω but i had enough 560Ω to account for the 680Ωs that i didn’t have, so could i use the 560Ωs in replacement of the 680Ωs?

I believe the 680Ωs are for the 7-segment display so maybe its just a different spec than the one on the wiki? the presented information on the product page is the same as the info from the wiki so i didnt know if seeedstudio just used different parts when assembling it.

it should be ok right, i mean its between the 10 - 20% of the original value so it should work. but any input would be appreciated.

I couldn’t see it being any problem. I only use a 220 or 330 ohm most of the time on any led, so either of those should be plenty safe.

nice, now the guide link to the wiki page only shows 560Ω resistors. heh