DAC channel resolution

I have just got the quad. It works, but what is a bit strange for me is that DAC channel seems to have very limited resolution - I can count only ~20 steps independently on the signal shape (triangle, sin, saw-tooth). The DACs at STM32F103VC have at least 10b resolution. What is a reason for this low resolution waveform? Is my unit broken? Or it is a “feature” of the firmware/software?
The picture shows sampling of the A channel driven by direct connection with “Wave out”.

looking at the other info about the Quad I found this one:


which perfectly fits the observed behavior: only 36 samples are used to synthesize sinus, triangle etc. This is not much… now the question is whether it can be more? or this limit is an intrinsic limitation of the hardware? Up to now I did not find the answer to this question…
Anyway, can other people confirm the behavior? I am almost sure at this moment it is a “feature” not the bug of my particular unit but it would be nice if anybody can confirm the same symptoms on other device…

It’s a limitation of the default firmware. Other firmwares can use more samples.