D) Power the gateway up. Booting log will be showed in the PuTTY terminal, in the end it will prompt you to input your log in name. Please note it takes 1 or 2 minutes to get the prompt information

when I power up setup mentioned in

d) part of step 1. I see green light blinking and in putty I don’t find any boot it is still a blank screen and shows connected as: offline in bottom left corner of putty terminal. and even after powering up raspberry pi doesn’t get power up.
When i power up raspberry pi using vcc pin the putty terminal gets connected and shows rpi login and password. Please help me as soon as possible.

May you explain more clearly your problem ? as your post is really not understandable :frowning:

I have connected raspberry pi 3 with pri bridge and gateway as shown in setup. after connecting USB serial wire to a computer I logged into putty using serial connection with com port and 115200 rate. The putty terminal is blank and then I powered by gateway up and still putty screen is blank. I don’t find rfhs login or password anywhere.

What USB/serial adapter do you use ? most of them (all the more if it’s a cheap one) don’t support such high speed :wink:
You can also try to reverse TX/RX on the serial adapter ? marking is always ambigous for RS-232 !

I have used the same adapter that came with kit “5V/2.1A American Standard Adapter with Micro USB Connector” and I have also tried to reverse TX/RX pins but no effect. When I plug Vcc pin of serial cable into 5V pin of raspberry pi .Putty starts asking me rpi login and password in same putty terminal. And when I remove the cable rpi power goes off. Also the green led of PRI 2 Bridge RHF4T002 and Gateway module RHF0M301–868 keeps blinking very fast instead of constant glow.


I don’t think you should connect VCC of your serial adapter into 5V of Pi (PI has to be powered by itself) and only connect TX/RX/GND of serial adapter on GPIO as indicated in manufacturer Wiki:

Pi is not getting powered up while using the cable that came with kit but when I use another power cable it gets powered on. But the main issue is I could not rhfs boot login option it remains blank for few seconds and than asks for raspi login instead of rhfs login.


Thanks a lot for providing continuous support but please help me resolving this error. I have attached images also you can see that it is asking for rpi login not rhfs in putty

It should ask for rhfs login according to instructions mentioned on page “https://wiki.seeedstudio.com/LoRa_LoRaWan_Gateway_Kit/#getting-started” mentioned as step 1: part d)

It should ask this login but in my case it is asking about raspi login.