Customer Privacy

To whom it may concern.

Recently I posted a review on a product page.
What I did not expect was that my full name would be posted along with the review.

This is a direct infringement of your customer’s rights to privacy.
Furthermore your website does not have a privacy policy listed anywhere so there is no clause that customer’s details are yours to play with.
It’s also far from acceptable that using the same account on this forum results in our email address being used as a screen ID.

To this end I have contacted you via email and via your support form - NO REPLY FROM YOU

I suggest you check the content of the emails and contact form mails sent in the last few days.
EDIT - I got a response at last I just wish you could respond to emails/support form mails a bit quicker than several days :cry:
But sadly google already has the page in question on its servers.
Just changing your account details DOES NOT change the name shown on the review pages - it’s written to the database at the time of the review posting.
When you fix the MySQL content you might want to add the following to the page in question for 4-5 weeks.

<META content="noarchive" NAME="robots">

I’m not familiar with Zen Cart but there must be a meta injection method available.

For qualification I run an online retail business and the use of customers private data in this manner is just not acceptable!

EDIT - the settings that you have in your account are hard written to the database when you post a review and so if you change your account details after posting a review it has no effect.

The following fixes need to be implemented
Zen Cart review modules in use need to be updated to poll the database for current information.
The sign up process needs to include an option for a “screen name” or “handle name”.


thanks for handling this - could have been handled sooner though… :unamused:

Seeedstudio removed the original review so I’m more than happy.
But I strongly recommend you review your sign up and user name process.
Customer’s information is private - please give us the choice to not have our information used publicly.

Some people love things like google, twitter and Facebook.
Personally I don’t.

As I said previously - apart from this one single issue - you guys are great

best regards