Custom OOK protocol using RFBee

I’m trying to implement the ERT protocol using the RFBee’s 900MHz capability. The protocol is a Manchester-encoded OOK packet that uses the 910-920MHz range. Everything I’ve read from existing documents suggest this should be possible with the CC1101.

It’s a 12-byte packet: 2-byte sync word, 8-byte payload, and 2-byte CRC. The protocol is described in this patent:
The patent is expired so I’m not at risk for implementing it.

Now, as a sanity check, I’m trying to use one RFBee to transmit a packet, and another RFBee to receive it. Unfortunately, my second RFBee never RX’s the packet. So clearly there’s something wrong with my code if I can’t get it to work between two RFBees.

The TX and RX routines are taken from the RFBee code, so I assume they are not the issue. I suspect I’m doing something wrong with IOCFG0 or FIFOTHR settings.

As some incentive to help: Many home utility meters in the US use the ERT protocol. I’m trying to create an open source software project so hobbyists can use an RFBee to read and graph their home utility data. If I can get this working, you’ll probably sell a lot of RFBees to folks who want to use them for this purpose :slight_smile:

My code is attached. Main code is in ERTBee.pde. There’s a #define flag that you can uncomment to put one RFBee into a send loop to send a dummy packet for the second RFBee to receive. CCxCfg.h is modified for OOK and ERT packet settings. I used SimpliciTi to generate the config, but that’s not to say I still don’t have some configuration setting incorrect…

Thanks in advance! (25.9 KB)