Custom BBB Flasher Image Not Working

Hello, first time poster here.

I’ve run into an issue and I’m hoping somebody on here will be able to help me out.

I have a custom flasher image that I have used on a Beaglebone Black rev C from another maker (Shenzhen Ruised). The flasher image works (and continues to work) with the Shenzhen Ruised BBBs. The previous batch that we purchased was from 2019. Our company recently purchased a batch of Beaglebone Black Rev C from Seeed studio and unfortunately the flasher image does not work in the new batch. We have an even earlier version of the flasher image that also does not work.

My question would be: has anything changed from the last version we have purchased until now? Over the history of our product that uses the BBB, there was an undocumented eMMC change (that kept the BBB at Rev C) that rendered our first flasher image useless. I had to make a completely new flasher image to work with the newer eMMC. Has something similar happened again?

For reference, the earliest version of the flasher image was just using DD, the second version of the flasher image was using the

Does anyone know of any steps that I can use in order to possibly rescue the current flasher image I have?