Current Sensor - Driver


I use the current sensor module from seeedstudio.
When I try the testapplication and driver from seeedstudio I notice that the output is never higher than 0 when calling the Read method. I don’t know if this is driver bug or the sensor itself. If I don’t connect the sensor, only the module on the fez spider, I got values from 0-3 (probably values from the module itself??).

Does anyone has experience using this module?


Please let us know what type it is then we can help you.

Hey Yuriq

Thanks for your reply.

I use the Current Sensor 1.0 by Seeed Studio for .NET gadgeteer (found this on the back of the module).
The sensor itself: — SCT013-030 (type) — 1108-10330 (S/N I think).


the current sensor is suit for big current(input is 0~30A and output is 0~1V), if the curret too small, the module may not get the correct result, hope this reply can help you, thanks.