CS pin and INT voltage on CAN bus shield


What is the CS pin on the CAN bus shield. I have seen the schematic pdf and I suppose that’s 10 so this is also the Ethernet CS pin.

What is the voltage of INT pin (2). I suppose that’s 5v but it’s a big problem with Arduino Due supporting only 3.3v.

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The CS pin is hardwired to pin 10 but there is a solder jumper that allows you to use 9 after cutting the trace for 10. The jumper selection is shown in the schematic.
The CAN-BUS Shield is powered via 5VDC, therefore its I/O is also 5VDC.
I will also add that the shield doesn’t use the ISP header for SPI, which can be an issue as well.
I am working on an updated CAN-BUS Shield that will address these issues.

Hi Cory,

alright! This shield already has the option to go to pin 9 for the SS/CS pin,… but still it is no where explained how the libraries should be addressed so it working with this pin.

A little help would be great :slight_smile: I am also interested in seeing your revised layout of the shield. I would be interested myself.

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