Creating Gerbers


This is my first pcb here and the first time a created gerber files. So I have some questions about the process.
I’m using the Seed Studio v095 Gerber Generator CAM job. In this there are more than the seven files in the description defined.

  1. Do I need the milling file for special board shapes (see next question) or is the outline enough?
  2. I want a round PCB (see topic viewtopic.php?f=9&t=2232&p=8730#p8730) with 48mm diameter, is this possible?
    3)For the drill file EXELLON was choosen instead of RS-274x, is this on purpose?
    4)What happens with the gerbers including the cream layers?

Hope somebody can answer my questions so I can consider them before uploading my files.
Best regards