Creating a simple BLE activated switch

Hi there. I’m new to nRF and BLE. I want to create a simple remote switch, using to nRF52804s, one to talk to the other to tell it to switch something on. Is there a simple project anywhere here that does something similar that I can study?


Maybe you can try this project

Hi there,
Swing and a Miss…
Please look over the BLE LED example sketches. they have exactly what you are asking about.
here is a GREAT tutorial on a BLE LED.

GL :slight_smile: PJ

Thanks PJ. That’s a good start. The Michael Schoeffler page doesn’t have any of the BLE functionality described. I’ll check out the examples you mention. I’m sure I’ll be back with more detailed questions soon…

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Thanks Frank, but that one looks rather complex, and I can’t see that it uses BLE - I may be wrong there though. I don’t understand the network communication protocol it is using.