Creating a "display device"

I have been looking for a display device to be able to connect my own interfaces.

The is a great start for a multi function display device.

Using the current input port as an SPI port, and number of external signal processing modules can be added.

I would like to know where the base plastic and display came from.

I have been looking at MP3/video players as a base for a multi-function display device.

Such as these: … layer.aspx



Hi don,

I am happy to share with you what I know about this issue. Sorry for my bad english, I am brazilian.

Some time ago, I also researched about a cheap general purpose display for microprocessor projects.

So, I found a DPF (Digital Picture Frame) that suits my needs. In the site you have pointed there is this device: … e-137.html

Note, that price is prohibitive. With a google search, you can find it for about USD 30.00 elsewhere. Try to search for:

  1. A35A03
  2. NXP LPC2103 Solomon SSD1928
  3. “Digital picture frame” A03

Interesting, this is the same device sold as a development platform here: … 16158.html

In the omnima forum you have a good support for this unit, including a open source custom firmware with generic display functions.

Let me know your findings.

Kindly regards,