Covid-19 Innovation Round Up

In this thread I am sharing some of grassroots driven innovations that are trying to responding to Covid-19 epidemic.

New York Times ’ Coronavirus Innovative Equipment ’ .’s article on ’ 7 open hardware projects working to solve COVID-19’

It is important to understand innovation needs be a advanced medical device, you can start hacks that changes social behavior. It could be something as simple as non-contact hand sanitizer dispenser.

Please share any interesting innovations you find in the wild.


Angelo (TechBulder) has created a tutorial for building DIY $4 Automatic Alcohol Dispenser

Build the simplest $4 Automated Alcohol Dispenser without using Arduino. Keep your hands clean by filling it with liquid soap, hand sanitizer or with rubbing alcohol. By reducing physical contact, an automated dispenser keeps virus from spreading around in communal areas.


Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) team releases plans for 3D printed masks

You can read the story here:

Design information is available here:


Jean Noël from France made this Face-Masks Disinfection Device, which makes it possible for people to re-use the single-use face masks in this special time! See details here.

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Thank you for sharing :slight_smile: I hope this project will help the people who saves lives.

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