Corrupted display on DSO203

So i recovered this gem after having ignored it for a few years. After turning it on though, the display elements are pretty garbled (see attached images). The devices seems to be reacting to button input though, so it does not seem to be stuck.

As the initialization screen is not very helpful either (garbled too) i’m reluctant on flashing some new firmware for now (everything should be still as from factory right now), as i’m not sure what’s on there right now.

If there’s any ideas out there on how to get this guy to function again, i’d be very thankful!

DSO seems to be a relatively unpopular product, so I’m sorry that maybe no one has come up with a good idea to make it work again. Although you said, “i’m reluctant on flashing some new firmware for now,” I still recommend you upgrade the firmware (although there are risks).