Controlling wood burner and tanks

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I have a grand project that’s going to be really useful for everybody who likes to control their heater system. Programming is probably the easy part. A lot of on/off based on temperature. The rest needs a lot of components.

Take a few minutes to look at the manuals:

w w w. termoventiler. eu/media/upload/LMR10_Manual_E.pdf
w w w. termoventiler. eu/media/upload/LMR30_Manual_E.pdf

Sys 10

Charger & burner control.

w w w. thermomart. com/Platinum%20Resistance%20Thermometer%20Temperature%20Probe%20Sensor%20Thermocouple%20RTD%20PT100%20Sous%20Vide%20Accurate%20Oven%20Kiln%20Beer%20Coffee

3 temperature sensors. I would like something similar to the PT100 platinum as this type is easily fitted in the thermowell in every tank and boiler. Maybe there is a possibility to modify the Grove - High Temperature Sensor with some paste and push it in with a stick? Will the shrink wrap get burnt and die if exposed to heat? Don’t understand the construction with plastic on a device that is supposed to resist 600℃.

2 relays. No questions about that. Grove SPDT relays can handle the 2-5A 240VAC burner and pump draws.

Simple programming. When tank top is below threshold, start burner. When tank bottom is above threshold, stop burner. When burner is on or temp in boiler is above threshold, start pump. There must also be a connection to the overheat protection built into every boiler. If the Arduino goes bananas, the burner must stop before boiling.

Push the Wood-mode button and the burner turns off and the pump starts. It goes out of this mode when boiler temp is below some value. Maybe when boiler is colder than tank or having an exhaust sensor?

Sys 30 is to be constructed at a later point.

Human interface

5 buttons.

1 Display mode. Runs through the 3 sensors and displays the current and set values.
2 Control mode. Set the values for the sensors.
3-4 Value up/down.
5 Wood-mode.

4x16 LED display and a few LED in different colors that indicate burner and pump running.

The temp sensors is the thing I’m most worried about. Suggestions?

Is the Seeeduino with Ethernet W5200 OK for this? Can I store my limit values somewhere if power goes out? Will the temp sensors connect to the W5200 i2c or will I need Maybe Mega is needed?

Is it possible to create a webserver that not only shows the states but also enables me to change the values? I may want to choose between DHCP and fixed IP.

Logging seems to be easy on the SD-card attached to W5200. What methods can be used to grab the files?

Webserver and display is not prio 1 exactly. First stage is to just run the states of the relays based on what the temperatures are but I will not start the build if there is no way to finish it.

Required is 8 temp sensors, 5 buttons and 4 relay output. Will the board do it?