Controlling the rePhone from another device

Since there’s no non-windows arduino compatibility for developing with rephone (something NOT mentioned in the kickstarter…)

Is there any way to control basic calling functions via UART/I2C/SPI? Basically a way for me to use a true arduino compatible, like an Adafruit trinket, to control the rePhone module? Documentation?

I think you should start with this … s/C_BT.gsp
And of course everything is possible. Everything. Just have enough skills to implement missing stuff :wink:
It doesn’t seem that hard at first sight, just parse the message got from uart, and use a huge switch-case.

So, basically, remote control it through another bluetooth device? I’m sure it would work, but Rube Goldberg anyone?

I think I have a better idea. I’ll shelve this product until seeed figures out what open source really means. I mean seriously? Two products which are extremely cross-platform, Arduino IDE and Eclipse, yet Seeed manages to force Windows-only.

For now, I think I’ll just buy an Adafruit Feather Fona. They manage to make their stuff work with the stock Arduino IDE.

Shame to have wasted the money, but wasting more of my time on this would be even more costly.