Controlling Music Shield with a 2nd arduino

If the Music Shield is connected to an Arduino, can you control it sending signals to one of the open pins from a second Arduino?

I have an Arduino Robot I would like to add sounds to. My Music Shield is connected to a second Arduino. Can I send control signals from the Robot Arduino to the Music Shield Arduino?

What signals would I send to select and play tracks on the sdcard?

The shield uses almost all of the pins, but there are D0, D1, A4, & A5 open. Can I use these pins to input commands from a second arduino?

Is there a way to select specific MP3 files?

For example, when my Robot bumps into a wall, its bump sensors alert the arduino which controls the motors. Can that arduino then send a signal to the Music Shield Arduino to play a particular sound effect MP3?

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A1&A2:You may use two the Grove - Serial Bluetooth connected with the two

arduino,and they will use the D0/D1 pin … th=139_142
So you can try to enable the communication between the two arduino boards.

A4:Yes,you can use the open pins.D0/D1 is RX/TX(serial port).