Controlling HVAC with IR Receiver and IR Transmitter

Hi, i have a Groove Shield with an IR Transmitter and an IR Receiver and i’d like to control 2 HVAC Mitsubishi and Fujitsu.
I downloaded the IRSendRev library and trying to acquire the IR code.
I could get the OFF conde for the Fujitsu wich is the following:

len	 = 12
start_h	 = 66
start_l	 = 31
short	 = 9
long	 = 23
data_len = 7
40	198	0	8	8	64	191	
12	66	31	9	23	7	40	198	0	8	8	64	191	

Sending this code the Fujitsu HVAC will turn off !!! Great this is working.

The problem is when i try to acquire other codes from Fujitsu and Mitsubishi, i always receive the message GET BAD DATA!!
i change the library on line 289 like this:

#if __DEBUG
            Serial.print("IR GET BAD DATA! Count=");

to see how big is the results.rawlen

These are the results:

Fujitsu OFF (Working)

Fujitsu ON

Mitsubishi OFF

Mitsubishi ON

Now i’m stack, i’ve try all the other available library with no luck. This is the only library that can turn off the Mutsubishi HVAC but is not enought !!!

I really need you help.