Control the Skeleton 4WD hercules with radio control 2,4G

Hello, I am quite new in the world of the arduino and I have just received the frame Skeleton 4WD Hercule and I wish the commanded with a radio control 2,4Ghz, me gets out of it to me more or less of highly-rated coding, but it is of highly-rated connection of the set or I am blocked.
I already had a Cherokee frame before and I made a success in of it controlled, I had connect the receiver 2,4Ghz à la carte Arduino then the card Arduino in the Cherokee and coded Frame the whole without too much problem but the I get out of it not at all, I do not arrive in found by tutoriels for the connection nor for the coding.
If you could help me, I shall there be very happy.

And I apologize for my bad English, I am French and I use on-line translators.

Well on if you have questions or need for more details on certain things do not hesitate, I would make most efforts possible to answer it.

Thank you in advance in everything those who can give me a blow.