Control motor rpm with Gove - MOSFET / Screw Terminal


I want to control the rpm of a motor and dont want to switch the motor only on/of.

I found the Grove - MOSFET and tre Grove - Screw Terminal.

Could i control the rpm of a motor with these Grove - Bricks? or only switch the motor on / of?

I want to control variable motors (3 - 10 V).

And if i want to control a 3V motor I only must attach a 3V power source? and should i mind anything if i want to control the rpm of a 3V motor with a 3V power source?


Please dont laugh about my spelling or grammar, i am a 15 jear old student from Germany! :exclamation:

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I think you want to control the speed of a motor? If so you can use analogWrite or refer to here: … a1/pwm_lvc

If you want control the rpm accurately, maybe you need a motor with encoder. :laughing: