Contactless Temperature Monitor with Wio Terminal

How to check the temperature with no contact? The project combines PIR detection, IR camera and hand-gesture recognition for perfect safety.

The project is built around the Wio Terminal with three Grove sensors. The Wio Terminal brings a screen and WiFi for the IoT extension.

​​Read the detailed instructions at!

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Nice project @reivilo. :clap: :clap:

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Now with remote dashboard.

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Release 1.0.6 of the project improves the local display.

By default, the image displayed has the same resolution as the thermal sensor, or 8x8 resolution.

​The initial image is resampled through a bi-cubic interpolation to provide a nicer picture, here in 16x16 resolution.

The FPU of the ATSAMD51 manages all the computations required by the interpolation effortlessly.

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That’s looks a huge improvement, :clap:t2: :clap:t2:

@salman Look at other people’s demos. But the your MQTT demo is still there, do you have any update?

Yes, @Baozhu, I’m working on it, I’ll update you.