Connector for 40 pin griot using the supplied case

Does anyone know of a 40 pin header connector that fits using the supplied blue extruded case? Because the board mounting boss is so close I can’t find a connector to fit on the header

Seeed says that I am the only one having this problem

Is anyone else using the 40 pin grip header?

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Is this the right type for you?

Thanks for the picture. That works if I’m building a play or experimental box. We are trying to make a Industrial device where I need a mass producible connector

Have you actually tried to make it fit in the odyssey box because of the screw placement I do not believe any connector will fit

His size is compatible with RPI.You can find many of these accessories.

You’re missing the point. I need it to fit inside the blue case and because of a design problem there is no way to get a plug to fit on the 40 pin header

I do love this board and case but I actually find this is my biggest problem. My biggest reason for this purchase was having a professional setup with access to both CPU and MCU pins on the same board. But the lack of pin access without removing the case cover (and dangling cables) is a very annoying limitation. A case with external access to the pins and grove connectors would be perfect.

We found a connector that fits in the existing Odyssey case, Hirose DF1B series. Works with our cable manufacturer. Still requires laser cutting of the case for the cables, but its a workable solution

You are not alone.
There’s a tons of people asking for an hat fitting in the case since more than one year.
They never worked on that.

we had to cnc route the plexi cover to allow the wires to exit the case. Otherwise it works ok no real function except a case for us

This case is very flexible. @hmarois21 @marki763

There’s no pi-hats grove-hats wich can be plugged inside the case