Connection between two LoRa using Serial Communication


May I know who has experience on using two LoRa modules to communicate with each other by using Serial Communication?
One LoRa module is connected to Arduino UNO and another LoRa module is connected to NodeMCU.

Thanks for your help.

Well perhaps you should tell more about your configuration :wink: Which Lora module do you plan to use ? modules that have AT firmware are quite easy to setup in Lora P2P mode :slight_smile:

I am using Grove - Wio-E5 LoRa modules and using AS923 to setup the LoRa in P2P mode. I plan to send 4 different sensor data values from LoRa transmitter to LoRa receiver.

Have you followed the manufacturer tutorial to use these in P2P mode ? Grove LoRa E5 - Seeed Wiki it should answer your questions and help you build your own program :wink:

I saw this website, but the code they provided is related to transmission of data from LoRa module to TTN, not belongs to P2P mode. That’s why I am not sure how to allow the P2P communication between two LoRa modules.

I saw this reference link (Grove - Wio-E5 - Seeed Wiki), but I don’t know how to code the transmitter and receiver side because I saw the code and it is quite complicated.

Well if code is too complicated perhaps you should think about using some preconfigured devices and not DIY modules like Grove E5 :wink: or use the AT command version but you’ll need a processor/microcnotroller to send AT commands !

Yup, I plan to use the AT command version to code it and use an Arduino Uno microcontroller, but I have no idea how to code it. May I know do you have the sources?

Well if you don’t know how to program you’ll have to learn it or find someone to do it for you :wink: It’s Arduino programming and you can find lot of tutorials and documentation on how to program it on Internet :wink:
You have all the more a full sample with code for P2P communication on Seeed website Grove - Wio-E5 - Seeed Wiki and you can use it as a base and little by little modify/try till you get what you want !

Thanks for the suggestion you provided to me, I am trying and modifying now, so hopefully I can get what I want.

Thanks for your help