Connecting to Helium using demo code for the Wio Terminal with the grove LoRaE5

In particular I’m having trouble compiling the demo sketch in the seeed tutorial at
I#### Adding Grove - Wio-E5 devices to the Helium console
I followed these steps

  • Login to helium console
  • Go to Devices
  • Add new device
  • Enter in a device name
  • The 3 keys mentioned above are created.
  • Now in Arduino IDE, load the example from the sensors folder lightsensor-send-data.ini
  • You will modify this sketch to connect to the Helium network.
  • Select the LoRaWAN® band you wish to use… The available frequency bands are in the comments of the code below. In the tutorials we use, the default is the EU868 band.
  • The US915 band is commonly used in North America
  • Place the the Helium generated DevEUI, AppEUI, and AppKey in the sketch for deveui[] , appeui, appkey[] array initialization.
  • Upload the code for Wio Terminal and open the serial port monitor of Arduino IDE, set the baud rate to 9600 and observe the setting.

Verify failed with disk91_LoRaE5.h not found?
OH YES… I needed to clone the zip file from GitHub - disk91/Disk91_LoRaE5: Ardunio LoRa E5 driver for WIO and other Boards
Then I went to the Arduino IDE. And selected the zip file

NOW I’m getting an error.
exit status 1
Compilation error: invalid conversion from ‘char*’ to ‘uint8_t* {aka unsigned char*}’ [-fpermissive]
It’s occurring here I think

  * if ( ! lorae5.setup(
  * Frequency,
  * deveui,
  * appeui,
  * appkey
  * // (uint8_t)deveui,
  * // (uint8_t)appeui,
  * // (uint8_t)appkey
  * // (char*)deveui,
  * // (char*)appeui,
  * // (char*)appkey
  • Is It Because the 3 args in lorae5.setup() are uint8_t?
  • char deveui[] = “”;
  • char appeui[] = “”;
  • char appkey[] = “”;
    Did I get the Wrong Disk9LoarE5 library?
    I’m using Arduino IDE 2.0?
    I tried casting but that Did Not help?
    Has anybody gone thru this tutorial with sucess?

Has anybody had any trouble with this tutorial?

This is NOW working for me. If anyone else the IoT into the Wild contest is having problems with the Seed LoRa E5 connecting this is probably why!! Some missing link to the disk91_LoRaE5 library in the tutorial I am following!


Hi, we have specified the program libraries to be used in the section for each sensor. We have built on top of the library written by Disk91 for LoRa E5 and further revised it to suit the tutorial, so if you are using the Disk91 library directly, you may get errors. Therefore, we recommend that you use the Lora e5 library recommended by the tutorial.

[GitHub - limengdu/Disk91_LoRaE5: Ardunio LoRa E5 driver for WIO and…] Ardunio LoRa E5 driver for WIO and other Boards. You can get it on GitHub

This is now working. I cloned the .ZIP and installed the Library and it is now working.
I was using the wrong library!!!

But I did not see the link mentioned in the tutorial??? At Adding Grove - Wio-E5 devices to the Helium console