Connecting to 802.1x networks

I’ll want to run the Wio (maybe dozens of them) inside educational and other institutions whose networks require a login as well as a password.

How do we configure the Wio to connect to these?

Sorry for that. Now Wiolink not support the AP with login.

I suggest you use wireless AP. Sometime i use my phone to generate a Wi-Fi AP.
It is also work fine.

That’s a pity.

Real-world applications don’t always involve opportunities to put access points everywhere. People still need their phones when they’re not where the Wio is, and when you’ve got thirty Wios gathering data from a large area, thirty access points for them blows the costs out of the water.

One institution has already asked me not to set up access points connected to their network, as part of its security protocol.

How about connecting to networks that involve clicking in a web page to accept usage conditions?

I agree you. That is pity, very.

We need an innovative and easy to use solutions.

I search “wifi web login” on Google. I got a lot of login types.
Like this … wser-login, WiFi AP need login every 10 minutes.

However, the wifi device need interact with AP through web.
I think the IOT device can’t accomplish automatically.

I hope the WI-FI Alliance publish a standard for web login for IOT device.